Our Success Stories

TEC provides Security facilities with provision, installment and maintenance packages to Pharma companies all over Pakistan. Some of our successful ventures in include Abbott, Martin dow, Aventis, Getz, GSK, Novartis, Atco, Sci-life, Platinum Pharma, Helthtec Pharma, Herbion Pharma and Brooks Pharma.

Safety you can trust

In terms of security facilities, TEC provides and installs CCTV, ACS and FAS in Pharma Companies. Some of our successful projects includes the installment of these facilities in Abbott, Martin dow, Aventis, Getz, GSK, Novartis, Atco and Sci-life.

Maintenance and the complete package

TEC does not end at installation; we properly configure the installed equipment as well with adequate maintenance packages for our clients. This prevents future problems and allows the equipment to run smoothly for the near future.

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