Our Products

Our Products are a personification of our goal, which is to be the best!
TEC proudly deals in products that are state of the art and leave no room for complaint from our clients.

Video Surveillance

TEC provides exceptional video surveillance with two impressive systems; The Analog System and the IP System. Providing security and immaculate surveillance.

Fire Alarm System

A swift and a highly sensitive alarm system against the hazard of fire that can cause extreme property and life damage. TEC installs efficient Fire Alarm systems, Addressable and Conventional, which provides security and control against this untimely hazard, keeping you safe and prepared!

Access Control

Proper Management leads to Success. TEC provides an Access Control facility that includes a System Solution and an Access Door Hardware, updated with the latest software and integrated to give you the top tier management you asked for!

Public Address Systems

A public message whether it be an emergency or a call intended for a group, it holds great significance. TEC recognizes this importance and hence we facilitate a Public Address system, with a System Solution, which provides excellent Public Address capabilities without any disturbance.

Integrated Building Management Systems

Optimization produces better results. The Integrated Building Management Systems offered by TEC allows one to monitor, measure and later optimize your building’s performance. This allows you to optimize energy usage and hence utilize your investment without wastage.

Physical Security Products

Security is a paramount necessity and cannot be highlighted enough. TEC keeps security in check and provides Physical Security Products that makes the working environment safer for employees and working staff.


Communication is key and a resource through which empires are built. It is a great necessity and hence TEC facilitates this importance with reliable, high-grade infrastructure that allows communication with great quality, free of disturbances.


In this global age where the internet defines our daily lives, the importance of networking cannot be undermined. TEC provides both wired and wireless networking to its customers. Hence fulfilling this requirement with utmost results.


Bearing mechanical loads, electricity and transmitting signals, wires and cables are a requirement for smooth operation. TEC provides outstanding wire and cable solutions, with high performance and resistance.


From electrical supplies to tools and equipment, TEC has you covered. Hardware and Supplies also contribute to management, results, having the best supply generates the best results, and that is what TEC provides.

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